About Us





At Afi-Akos we are passionate about bringing you  the finest handmade products from Ghana and in fact the continent of Africa as a whole. 

We work with selected designers, artists and crafters on the continent who create amazing products for our customers. We believe in fair trade and responsible sourcing so we pay a fair price to our creative partners and charge a fair price to our customers. 

Afi Akos was founded by Richmond ‘Kwesi’ Osei-Akoto

“I was born in Ghana and came to the UK when I was five years old. Although I have spent most of my life in London, I have always felt a calling from my mother land. In 2006 I made my first trip back and that’s when the love affair and appreciation for the culture really began.

One of the things that struck me was the ingenuity of the people in Ghana. The phrase ‘the hustle is real’ perfectly encapsulates the work ethic of the nation. People find the most ingenious ways of generating an income for their families. 

After a recent trip in 2017, my eyes were fully opened to the vast talent and creativity that exists. I saw the potential to bring the artistic and creative essence of Ghana to a wider community. That experience birthed my first project which ultimately led to creation of Afi Akos.

Too often the picture painted of Africa is that of a poverty and famine stricken continent. Whilst I accept that poverty exists in Africa, my experiences in Ghana, Nigeria and Togo have shown me that Africa has a lot to offer the world.

One of the lasting thoughts of my  trip in 2017 is that Ghana doesn’t need our charity it wants our business. At Afi Akos we want to change the narrative and have chosen to focus on the bringing the beautiful arts, crafts and accessories to a wider audience.